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Investment into leasing operations abroad has for the lessor a number of advantages in comparison with direct foreign leasing. In this case the lessor acts directly in the country of the lessee that opens for him access to local financial sources, reduces the risk connected with a currency exchange, expands the nomenclature of the technical means which are handed over in leasing and other.

Feature of this form of leasing is providing additional services by the lessor to the lessee (the equipment, its repair, insurance carries out the contents. Additional services are included into a rent, therefore this form of leasing rather expensive. Usually manufacturers of the equipment (computers, planes, etc.) are engaged in such leasing.

Now in economic practice of the developed countries different types of leasing are applied, each of which is characterized by the specific features. Are the most widespread:

Now leasing and the leasing relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan are the most developed if to compare to other countries of the region of Central Asia. However there is no limit to perfection, and it is possible to improve and improve also this sphere. Further development of the leasing relations has to go the next ways:

Terms of agreement reflect the following dependence at payment: the rent term is shorter, the level of payments is higher. For example, hire of the construction equipment in the USA for one day costs dearer, than for a week, by 1,5-2 times, and 2,5 times more expensively than rent for a month. It is promoted by reduction of the applied equipment efficiency at reduction of term of rent.

If to speak about our company, for us the victory in competitive fight is not end in itself. The main objective of creation of our company – support of a domestic agricultural producer and in this context is carried out all our activity. Therefore now we are not presented in some segments of the market of leasing services, for example, such as leasing of passenger and passenger vehicles, processing equipment for oil, mining and other branches.

Now in the country the favorable circumstances for leasing development promoting development of healthy competitive fight in the market of these services that will positively affect quality of leasing services, further decrease in interest rates are created. The market of leasing services becomes attractive both for the producer, and for the investor.

In this work the analysis of origin and the nature of leasing, Kazakhstan experience and experiment of the CIS countries on attraction of investments through leasing, organizational models of the leasing companies which developed in our republic under the influence of a number of factors, the positive and negative moments and the directions of improvement of an emerging market of leasing services is carried out.

Now there is a set of methods of calculation of leasing payments which lean both on the simplified techniques, and on difficult, based on the quantitative financial analysis or on financial and economic calculations.

Any goods of repeated and long use, including labor can be object of leasing. On extent of participation of object of leasing in the course of production they share on investment and consumer goods of long use. For example, investment share on elements of the physical capital, elements of the financial capital. The market of investment goods shares on: real estate, personal estate, property rights and intellectual potential, innovations.

Nevertheless, appeal of leasing as tool for the implementation of investment activity reducing risks continues to interest financial institutions which started looking for optimum ways and forms of its application.

The most notable effect for development of economy first of all such objects of leasing transactions as cars and for processing of agricultural products,, light industry, oil and can give, productions of stainless steel and hire from it, metal aluminum and alloys, other of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, and also vehicles (cars, planes,, court, means of TV and remote communication, equipment.