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What it takes to get short story ideas

Though the author is also the great admirer of Japanese cuisine, the offer did not seduce. It was impossible to refuse and it was necessary to find compromise option: to wait so far the small fish will roll in soy sauce, and then is her as ordinary crude fish.

The second important party of a meeting at restaurant - delicacies of Japanese cuisine. Crude fish, half-dead snails and some specific dishes are perceived by not all foreigners. However it is very expensive foods and not to taste them means to offend owners. In a similar situation there was an author when it was offered to it to catch sticks from a big package with water of little transparent small fishes, slightly to dip them in soy and to swallow. According to the owner, this small fish is served only in March and when she moves in a gullet "it is necessary to feel breath of spring".

will cause special surprise. The clothes have to be pure, especially boots. In Japan 99% of staff of the companies go to work in the black varnished boots. However, if the clean clothes on you are a little rumpled, in Japan it will not cause condemnation - means you "are married to the job".

It is possible to go on compromises and concerning many other elements of Japanese culture which you face in business in Japan, for example, to settle down on tatami mats as it is convenient, but not in a classical pose. The same concerns also greetings. It is known that Japanese welcome each other bows. It is desirable to seize a superficial form of bow, however for this purpose it is worth looking narrowly well at how it is done not to look ridiculous. However handshake with the foreigner is quite widespread in Japanese business community. There is nothing terrible and that the Japanese will bow to you, but will not give opportunity for handshake.