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According to conditions of insurance of responsibility of the contractor before the third parties on insurance there can be an assumed liability for the harm done to the personality and property of the third parties as a result of accidents both by production stroitelnomontazhny and commissioning and during a warranty period of operation. Insurance the company provides an insurance covering on this type of insurance within the responsibility limits of one event set in the policy and in general for the entire period of action of insurance. The franchize is defined only concerning material damage.

Indirect losses, and also the damage caused to the insured property for which the producer or the supplier of this property bears responsibility are not subject to compensation. The damages caused to leased property for which the owner of property bears responsibility are not paid.

Insurance of stroitelnomontazhny risks the franchize is, as a rule, applied. Its size on each risk is specified in the policy. The size of the franchize has to keep at economically reasonable level as this factor often is decisive when determining rates of an award and significantly influences results of insurance operation.