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What is the block method approach for class 6 Eight questions for grad school

The method of the direct account – when using this method need for material resources pays off proceeding from specific standard costs of materials on unit of operational services. Calculation is made on the following formula:

To define the spent amount of fuel in kind, the received quantity of the conditional is divided into the corresponding translated coefficient of that type of fuel which the hotel uses.

materials, it is constant also the consumed in significant amounts, received by transit with the average monthly consumption exceeding or transit norm owing to what there is a in regular large deliveries;

The plan of MTO of the hotel enterprise is its material balance in which all calculations of need for the material resources necessary for ensuring production (account part) are reduced, existence of the remains for the planned period, and also supply sources (receipt part) are defined. The main indicators of the plan of MTO, and also communication between them can be displayed the following equation:

Average norms of stocks are used in plans of logistics and carry the name of the passing stocks. Find them summation of a half of the maximum current stock, and also the preparatory and insurance stocks taken in full.

For ensuring normal work the hotel has to have available material resources not only in the quantity necessary for its daily needs, but also have a certain stock. In this regard in respect of material supplies along with calculations of the current requirements of material resources consider also the size of necessary stocks and the remains them for the beginning and the end of the planned period.

First of all, for understanding of essence of rationing of stocks of material resources, it is necessary to give definition of norm of a stock. Under norm of a stock it is necessary to consider such planned minimum quantity of material resources which has to be at the enterprise for normal process of material support. Characteristic of norms of material stocks is variability their main – the current part. Therefore distinguish the maximum, minimum and average norms of stocks.

to promote increase of a technological level of production of services, to promote introduction of automation, new technologies, and also expansion of the range of additional services which, in turn, are the most important factor of increase in profit of hotel;

Building volume on external measurement is equal 6000m ³. For this district the consumption rate of conditional fuel on a heating season for buildings of 5001 - 10000 m ³ makes 4,02 kg on 1 m ³. Therefore, on heating of hotel 24,12 t will be required conditional fuel 6000 · 4,02 =. For the translation it in natural amount of conditional fuel is divided into translated coefficient of that type of fuel which is used by hotel.

So, the plan of material support of hotel is its material balance in which all planned calculations of need for the material resources necessary for ensuring production (account part) are reduced, existence of the remains on planned the period, and also supply sources (receipt part) are defined.

Need of acceptance in calculation only of those deliveries which intervals are higher average, is reasoned by supporters of this method that insurance stocks are not necessary if intervals of deliveries are equal or less than the average.

The consolidating plan of logistics, the general need for materials for all needs of the hotel enterprise, including formation of stocks, and also sources of a covering of a of the enterprise in materials, takes usually form:

For successful work of the hotel enterprise, granting a complex of the main and additional services of hotel have to have the equipment and stock, necessary for operation (furniture, ware, bedding, carpet products, detergents, etc.), and also to have at the order such means of operation which can provide the certain complex of utilities obligatory for service living in hotel (heating, lighting, water supply. Therefore, in the course of the functioning the hotel needs the whole complex of material and technical means, and also such resources as fuel, water and the electric power.