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According to the content of mobile phosphorus (58%) of the soil of an arable land are characterized by average degree of security for grain and it is low for propashny cultures. Therefore the cultures cultivated in economy respond on the fertilizers containing phosphorus. Are provided with exchange potassium of the soil much above. For grain crops of 50% of soils high and 50% are characterized by an average. However, for receiving big crops need for potassium considerable in this connection introduction of full mineral fertilizer is required.

In food of the person rank high sugar and among them usual cane or beet sugar with a known formula C12H22O1 It possesses good tastes, is easily acquired by an organism, differs in high caloric content, promotes restoration and preservation of working capacity, is a power source for intellectual and physical activity of the person. On ease, speed and completeness of assimilation sugar among foodstuff wins first place. Despite these qualities sugar should not be the only food carbohydrates. Rather slowly digested starch supplies blood with glucose more evenly.

Discovery of sugar in root crops of beet and the long improving selection of more sugary forms of Silesian beet was led to emergence and isolation of one more direction in use of rhizocarpous beet – beets sugar.

However the tops of vegetable of sugar beet contains salts of oxalic acid and feeding by her animal in large numbers in a fresh or silosovanny look can cause violation of a calcic exchange and disorder of digestion.

Is in the center of a seed endosperms 5, containing reserves of nutrients (starch, proteins, etc.) for germination of a seed. From fruits of one ball separate plants, various on the to properties and efficiency sprout and develop.

In 100 parts of solid of treacle of 92% of organic substance and 8 – 10% of ashes. As a part of organic substance of 60% of sugar, 14% of the general nitrogen, 8% of not sugars, 3% of pectinaceous substances, 15% of bezazotisty extractive substances.