Teaching Students How To Improve English

Introduction to come up with great story ideas

Conscious acquisition of a foreign language as a means of communication assumes understanding of the language phenomena and functioning in the speech of phonetic, lexical and grammatical material according to a communication situation, acquisition of practical knowledge as bases of self-checking and self-correction. It is provided with a rational combination of the theory and practice

The most rational in an audiovisual method methods of development of acoustical perception and acoustical memory, active working off of strictly selected models, training of samples of the speech.

The scientific organization of educational process assumes the of its elements observed reasonably unity of problems of classroom, laboratory and house types of work, variability of links of system of training and flexibility of management from training, the accounting of specific features of pupils, and also a solution of the problem of a quantitative and qualitative specification of desirable results of training at the phonetic, lexical, grammatical and speech levels and need to teach pupils to work independently on a foreign language.

Shortcomings of an audiovisual method are: absence at pupils of exact idea of the studied language and following from this difficulty in operating by them; a of mechanical associations and destruction of stereotypes at insufficient practice and breaks in work; underestimation of reading and letter; tightly practical orientation of work, and lack of general education elements.